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A-CAL Calcium Carbonate


Composition : A-Cal 500 : Calcium Carbonate BP 1.25 g equivalent to 500 mg elemental Calcium.

Indications : In calcium deficiency states : Including osteomalacia, rickets and mal-absorption syndromes affecting the upper gastrointestinal tract. As therapeutic supplementation: During inadequate diet, particularly those associated with the increased demand of childhood, old age, pregnancy and lactation. As a phosphate binder: In patient with hyperphosphataemia, chronic renal failure in order to prevent the development of renal osteo-dystrophy. Osteoporosis: An adjunct to conventional therapy in the arrest or slowing down of bone demineralization in osteoporosis or when other effective treatment is contraindicated, also very effective as an antacid.

Dosage & Administration : A-Cal 500 : 1 tablet daily.