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A-fenac K Diclofenac Potassium

Composition : Tablet : Diclofenac Potassium 50 mg.

Indications : Short term treatment in the following acute conditions : â–ª Post traumatic pain, inflammation and swelling e.g. sprains, strains. â–ª Post-operative pain, inflammation and swelling, e.g. dental or orthopaedic surgery. â–ª Painful and /or inflammatory conditions in gynaecology, e.g., primary dysmenorrhoea. â–ª Painful syndromes of the vertebral column, non articular rheumatism. â–ª As an adjuvant in several painful inflammatory infections of the ear, nose or throat.

Dosage & Administration : Adults : The recommended initial daily dosage is 100 – 150 mg daily in 2 – 3 divided doses.

In milder cases as well as for patients over 14 years 75 – 100 mg daily in 2 – 3 divided doses.

In dysmenorrhoea the daily dosage should be individually adjusted and is generally 50 – 150 mg.

Children : It is not recommended for use in children.