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A-SOL VET Butaphosphan & Vitamin B12


Each ml contains Butaphosphan INN 100 mg & Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12) BP 50 mcg.



  • Increase muscular performances in animals kept for fattening, breeding and other purposes.
  • Metabolic disorders in case of poor nutrition, inadequate management care or diseased conditions.
  • Tonic in case of weakness, secondary anaemia & exertion.
  • Roborant in case of stress, over exertion and reduced resistant to healthy animals.
  • Tetany and paresis in addition to Ca & Mg therapy.
  • Disorders in growth and nutrition of young animals due to disease in early life. 
  • Metaphylaxis of infertility, puerperal disease and to support treatment of infertility. 


• Rapid growth, boost resistance in stress condition, preventing cannibalism.

Dosage & Administration 

Injection by intravenous, intramuscular or subcutaneous route. A-Sol® Vet injectable solution is administered according to condition and body weight.

A) In acute disease

Per Animal

Horse, cattle 5.0-25.0 ml

Foal, calf 5.0-12.0 ml

Sheep, goat 2.5-5.0  ml

Lamb, kid 1.5-2.5  ml

Dog, cat 0.5-5.0  ml

To be repeated daily if required.

Poultry: 0.5-1 ml/1-2 Lt. of drinking water for 3-5 days.

B) In cases of chronic diseases

Half of the above dose is required repeatedly at the intervals of 3-5 days.

C) In healthy animals

Half of the above dose.

Or, as per directed by the veterinary physician.