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DECAM VET Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Dextrose


DECAM Vet with Phosphorus contains

Calcium Gluconate                  20.8% W/V

Dextrose                                     20% W/V

Magnesium Hypophosphate       5% W/V

Each 200 ml contains

Calcium                   3.72 g

Magnesium             0.93 g

Phosphorus             2.36 g

Dextrose                     40 g

Boric Acid                    9 g.


Decam Vet is indicated for increasing milk production, fattening, prevention & treatment of milk fever, grass tetany, neonatal hypoglycemia, general debility due to parasitic infestations, lactation tetany, ketosis in cattle and as a supportive to anthelmintic treatment in Cattle, Buffaloes, Sheep & Goats. It is also indicated for the deficiency diseases of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus & glucose.

Dosage and Administration

For IV, Subcutaneous or Peritoneum use only.

Cattle & Buffaloes: 200-350 ml/animal.

Goats & Sheep: 25-50 ml/ animal

Dosage may be repeated if necessary.

Or, as directed by the Veterinary Physician.