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KETO-A Ketoprofen

Composition : Keto-A® 50 : Ketoprofen 50 mg.

Keto-A® 100 : Ketoprofen 100 mg.

Keto-A® Injection : Ketoprofen 100 mg / 2ml.

Keto-A® 100 Suppository : Ketoprofen 100 mg.

Indications : Rheumatic diseases : For anti-inflammatory and analgesic use in rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, gout. Periarticular and musculoskeletal Indications : For analgesia in bursitis, tendinitis, synovitis, tenosynovitis, lumbago. Surgical and traumatic uses : For analgesic action after sports injuries, orthopaedic manipulations, dental extractions, surgery. Gynaecological uses : In dysmenorrhoea following IUCD insertion and for uterine relaxation and analgesia in the post-partum non-nursing mother.

Dosage & Administration : Keto-A® tablet : Rheumatic diseases: 100-200 mg daily in 2-4 divided doses. Pain and dysmenorrhoea: 50 mg upto 3 times daily. Keto-A® Injection : 50-100 mg every 4 hours, repeated upto a maximum of 200 mg in 24 hours. Administer by deep intramuscular injection into the upper outer quadrant of the buttock. Following a satisfactory response oral therapy should be instituted with Keto-A® enteric coated tablets. It is recommended that the injection should not be used for longer than three days. The injection must not be given by the intravenous route. Keto-A® 100 Suppository : Adult : 100 mg at bed time

Children : Not recommended.