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KIDSOL Dextrose+Nacl

Description: KIDSOL DS is a sterile solution of Sodium Chloride and Dextrose in water for injection. It is indicated in water and sodium depletion. It provides Dextrose as a nutrient in a suitable medium of Sodium Chloride or it may also be employed as a source of Sodium Chloride.

Composition: Each 100 ml solution contains Sodium Chloride BP 0.225 gm. and Dextrose Anhydrous BP 5.0 gm.

Indication: It is usually used in the maintenance and replacement of fluid, electrolyte and carbohydrate in patients who are unable to take fluid and nutrients by mouth e.g. in case of persistent vomiting, during and after surgery, shock or accidents

Dosage & Administration: The volume and rate of infusion of the solution depends on the clinical condition, age and body surface area of the patient and judgments of the physicians. Ordinarily, normal circulation is restored by infusing 20-30 ml/kg as rapidly as possible. The laboratory findings should be available by this time so that the physician can proceed more slowly with logically planned subsequent fluid therapy.

Or, as directed by the physician.